The Sims presents a unique and diverse gaming experience. Likewise we have worked on many different levels and across media to help market it in the uk. We have created promotional literature to educate new and existing users; touchscreen apps and event creative for roadshows; advertising, branded merchandise, motion graphics and more..



The Sims 3

Dead Space has itself mutated into one of the game industry's eagerly awaited franchises. After working on DS2 we were asked to create advertising and cover-wraps for the new Dead Space 3. As with the game the graphics had a gloriously dark side.

Dead Space 3

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Utilising Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine this game took the MOH series to a new level. We developed a series of advertising and event materials to cement the identity early on and gain maximum impact running up to release. 


To raise pre-release awareness we designed flyers and event materials for Crysis 3. It was the best-selling game on it's release this February and won PC Gamer's Most Valuable Game award.

Crysis 3


Mass Effect 3

For the ambitious ME3 we created animated Digital 6 sheets, national 6 outdoor & press and event presence.


Battlefield 3

Winner of Game Campaign Award at the MCV Awards 2012.

For Battlefield 3's release we produced artwork for the 'Waterloo Takeover' - an advertising first - filling all the outdoor panels surrounding Waterloo station to showcase aspects of the game. We also created a significant presence with gaming, festival and national press, postering, national outdoor and bus sides.